Legal Notice

This site is not for beginners! We believe that you are at least an intermediate mountaineering or mountain runner, you have basic knowledge of terrain and good physical preparation. We believe that you are aware of all health and life hazards arising from presence in high mountains and practicing extreme sports. You also remember that in many places on Olympus there is no mobile phone network range, mountain huts are open only in the summer (from May to October), and the weather can change very rapidly. You can count mainly on yourself.
Therefore, the authors of this website take no responsibility for any accidents that may occur on the routes described below. You do sports at your own risk, remember!

Limited trust

Also remember that the data on route length and elevation gain on this webside are derived from our own GPS devices (Garmin Fenix ​​3, Garmin GPSMAP 64s, Garmin Oregon 600, Garmin Fenix 5), to which we have limited confidence. You should always take into account the error rate of 10%, especially since it is not known how the data from this side (and will be interpreted by your device.

Have fun 🙂