Litochoro – Rachi Achrani – Kalogeros

  |  Distance: 23,6 km  |  Elevation: +2520/-130 m  |  Difficulty: 5/10 

One of the most interesting possibilities to reach the top of Kalogeros – the highest peak on the southern side of the Enipeas Gorge from Litochoro. The route not present major orientation difficulties, and you will find markings along almost entire length. To Kosti Rachi these are the Olympus Mythical Trail signs (red dots on a white background), then the old red signs, quite clearly visible, even when there is snow.

The road is possible to cross even in winter conditions (as seen in the photos from April 16). At that time, the snow began from a height of 1350 m a.s.l. The path below was dry. However, at higher altitudes, the thickness of the snow cover was very large, in many places more than two meters, in addition it was wet snow, so without snow shoes it would not be possible to cross this route.
The best way to return to Litochoro leads along the edge of the Enipeas Gorge to Livadaki Shelter (but it was impossible to enter inside becouse of big snow, as you see on one photo) and then follow Olympus Mythical Trail markings to Litochoro. All together, it is almost 40 km and requires good physical condition preparation.