Prionia – Karagianni – Melitzani – Kalogeros

  |  Distance: 6,35 km  |  Elevation: +1540/-10 m  |  Difficulty: 6/10 

Direct connection between Prionia (1100) and Kalogeros (2701). You can reach Prionia by bus (in summer), taxi or bike. The Path is hardly visible in the forest zone and not existing in alpine zone. But it leads along the edge, directly to the peak, which is easy visible so there is no orientation problem. At the top, you can turn left and through Livadaki, using Olympus Mythical Trail path (red dots), reach Litochoro or return to Prionia by the same trail you arrived.

From the southern meadows (our path approaches from the north) Kalogeros looks inconspicuously, just another hill, not much distinguishable in the whole ridge and growing only 200 m above the bottom of the valley. Only a few meters before the top one can see that suddenly and completely unexpectedly breaks up, a vertical rocky wall, falling over 1000 m towards the hanging valley and then another 1000 m to the main Enipea Gorge, making an even more impressive impression from this side, than from Litochoro. There is also an amazing view of all the important peaks of Olympus, headed by Mytikas and Stefani, which, although rocky and very clearly, almost blend in this majestic landscape. You can stand stupefied for several minutes. One of those views that remain for life …