Kokkinopilos – Litochoro

  |  Distance: 43,5 km  |  Elevation change : +2080/-2860 m  |  Difficulty: 3/10

A great path for longer running training. Logistics is the biggest problem. It’s best to get to Kokkinopilos the day before and start the second day in the morning. As you can see in the pictures, even in July Olympus can be cloudy and even rainy.

Exceptionally, this path is not forgotten or indistinct. However, it offers a unique opportunity to pass the entire Olympus massif in one try. The path is mostly easily visible and not technically difficult. In addition, it has more downhill section than uphill runs, so it doesn’t require that much physical preparation. An average trained trail runner will pass it in about 8 hours. Particularly noteworthy is the path which is called Magalia, starts at 24 km of our route and leads through a beautiful traverse among trees to the Petrostruga Refuge.
This is not the shortest connection between Kokkinopilos and Litochoro, but the most runnable. It even contains one short asphalt section, but in the near future we will build a short connection of two existing paths and the asphalt section will be completely skipped.


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