Litochoro – Agi Apostoli – Gkolna

  |  Distance: 3,22 km  |  Elevation: +480/0 m  |  Difficulty: 5/10 

Alternative connection between Litochoro and Gkolna viewpoint, one of the most popular places for short trips around Litochoro. The path leads through the woods all the time, but also offers an amazing view of the Enipeas Gorge.
For a dozen or so meters we walk along the edge of the almost vertical cut of the ravine, caution is advised.

The path offers an alternative connection between Litochoro and Gkolna. A classic,  well-known, caerfully marked path leads to the Gkolna viewpoint, because it is a part of the Olympus Mythical Trail. The variant proposed below is completely different and combined with the classic route allows you to take a short trip around the loop.
The trail starts behind the last Litochoro houses, quickly reaches the Olympus Mythical Trail, and after a while turn into the right new trail, a narrow path to the right. This is a classic forgotten trail, i.e. even if the path is very narrow, you can see the old signs on the trees and on the stones – red (almost brown) dots. The trail runs clouse the church of Agi Apostoli, for a moment reaches a wide dirt road, to turn left before  the parking  at the Profitis Ilias church. Although this church is not on our route, it is worth to deviate for a moment, because it is probably the most beautiful view point around Litochoro: the city can be clearly seen below, and on the other side the vertical walls of the Enipeas Gorge.
At first, our path is very clear and leads through a young forest. Unexpectedly, it leads to the very edge of the gorge (rocks, carefully) and for a while leads along its edges. Then it again enters the dense, young forest, has many bends and places not obvious, but the old signs on the trees are still visible so it’s hard to get lost. In the final part we go through the old pine forest, the path does not exist on this section, but there are still a lot of markings on the trees so there are no problems with orientation. Exactly next to Golna Kiosk we connect to the Olympus Mythical Trail path and we can go back to Litochoro or go higher to the mountains to Livadaki or even Kalogeros.