Lakkos – Stavros – Lakkos

  |  Distance: 9,97 km  |  Elevation: +700/-700 m  |  Difficulty: 3/10 

A suggestion of a loop trip. Only the first part, from Lakkos to the Stavros refuge, is a new path (not finished yet), return to Lakkos with one of the most popular paths around Litochoro. Going to the nearest refuge you do not have to go back the same way anymore! The new route is less steep than a classic road, so you can take a trip in both directions.

A connection between Lakkos – the lowest place in Litochoro, and Stavros refuge, suggested below to is not a forgotten path in proper way. The path along the entire length is very clearly visible, and in part even very thoroughly cleaned up and prepared for tourist traffic. However, as a whole, it does not actually exist, it is painted in several different signs, and on many maps it is not present or it is incorrectly shown.
Start in Lakkos, follow the Olympus Mythical Trail signs (red dots on a white background), next to the metal bridge, turn right onto the path marked with dark green (but looks like black) dots on a yelow background. After approx. 500 m we enter a new wide path that someone builds with a lot of work (it’s not us 🙂 ). The path is marked with white dots on a black background. After some time, there are no signs and it is not cleaned so thoroughly, but still very clear. It reach an asphalt road 200 m in front of the Stavros refuge. The whole is very beautifully laid, it is very varied, mostly soft ground, much more pleasant than the classic road to Stavros. It is ideal for running.
Return to Lakkos / Litochoro with the red Olympus Mythical Trail marks.