From Litochoro to Leptokaria

  |  Distance: 18,7 km  |  Elevation change : +230/-490 m  |  Difficulty: 4/10

A key route if you are trying to circle Olimp on dirt roads! It begins in Litochoro and the first 4 km section is an asphalt road (but very little frequented). The most interesting is from 5 to 13 km. Excellent dirt road, sometimes a bit difficult technical (mountain bike advisable, but gravel can also do it :-), leading exactly on the border where farmlands and pastures end and the forests of Olympus begin.

The most interesting is that even the Komoot application did not believe in its existence and stubbornly advised to turn back. But the road exists and gives great riding pleasure. It crosses many smaller and larger valleys and gorges, so it’s still up and down. at 13 km we enter the asphalt road, you can turn left and take a crazy downhill ride to Leptokaria (swiming in the sea even in November) in a few moments, or turn right if someone wants to drive around the whole Olympus massif (see here).