There are many running competitions at Olympus. Some of them are long and demanding others are short, suitable even for beginners. Some of these competitions use old, forgotten paths that the organizers brought back to life, others run through areas that have no path at all, so finding a path outside the competition period is impossible without a trace of gpx file. Below is a brief overview of this competitions and their paths.

Salewa Olympus Mythical Trail
106 km, +/-6400 m, Start/Finish: Litochoro. Date: 4-5 July 2020.
The longest and most demending comepetition on Olympus. All route is permanently marks with red dot on white plate signs, so it is easy find it by yourself. Web site:  Official gpx file [here]

Faethon Olympus Marathon
44 km, +/-3400 m, Start/Finish: Kokinopilos. Date:  July 2020.
The trace of the race has a lot of forgotten or almost invisible trails. More than half of the distance is above 2000 m level.
Web site: here. Official gpx file [here]

Salewa Rogkas
25,3 km, +/-1970 m, Start/Finish: Litochoro. Date:  21 January 2020.
The path of the race will  be slightly different than before. New section of forgotten trail was incorporated and partly built from the beginning.
Web site: here.  Official gpx file [here]

Salewa Lost Trail
57 km, +/-4000 m, Start/Finish: Litochoro. Date:  September 2020.
The path of the race is partly on the forgotten and restored ancient route.
Webside: here.  Official gpx file [here]

Olympos Mounteneering Marathon
37 km, +2260/-2650 m, Start: Stavros Refuge, Finish: Litochoro.
Date: September 2020. The oldest trail running competition in Greece.
The route use well known and clear paths, without any orientation problems.
Webside:  here. Unofficial gpx file [here]

107 km, +8700/-8700 m, Time limit 24 h. Start/Finish: Agios Ioanis, 4 km from Litochoro. Date: March 28, 2020. 4 loops competition, every next in different direction.  Aid station only in the end of each loop, any support for competitors strictly forbidden, extremely short time to finish the race, the most difficult competition in Greece. The route use clear paths, one 2,1 km section was rediscovered and specially prepared for the race.
Fb profile:  here. Official gpx file [here]

Karya Olympus Trail
25 km, +1500/-1500 m, Start/Finish: Karya, a village on the south side of Olympus massiffe. Date: May 24, 2020. Competition is organized for the first time.  The route partly uses rediscovered and cleaned paths. The gpx file with the route is not yet available
Fb profile:  here. Webside [here]

North Olympus Trail Vrontou
20 km, +1450/-1450 m, Start/Finish: Agi Apostoloi – a church 5 km from the village Vrontou, on the north side of Olympus massiffe. Date: June 14, 2020.  The race route is going through less known parts of Olymus, all the time in forest zone.
Fb profile:  here. Webside [here] Official gpx file [here]

Olympus Marathon
44 km, +3200/-2900 m, Start: Dion, Finish: Litochoro. Date: June 27, 2020.  There are also other distanses available: 71 km, 14 km, 5 km and Verical kilometer. The biggest and the most popular race on Olympus (1000 participants in the main distance). Marathon use only most popular paths.
Webside [here] Official gpx file [here]