Kato Tsuknida -Trochalo

  |  Distance: 2,16 km  |  Elevation: +11/430 m  |  Difficulty: 4/10 

Kind of shortcut on the Olympus Mythical Trail. Direct connection between Kato Tsuknida and Trochalo. The trail ends on a gravel road where Olympus Mythical Trail route leaves this gravel road and begins to descend with a very steep singletrack.
A classic forgotten path. The trail was almost invisible, but some traces remained on many traverses. It is now more clear, especially since we cleaned it in places where there was nothing before.
The whole route leads through the forest, but there are several viewpoints. It is not very steep and there are actually no technical difficulties.

The following route is a classic example of forgotten path on Olympus. It existed once, there were obvious traces of it, even markings painted in several places on the trees, but it was not entirely possible to pass. In some places it simply disappeared in bushes or on a slope in the woods.
A few days earlier, we tried to find a different path leading to Kato Tsuknida, but failed. This time it worked, because we were with a friend from Litochoro who knows the area very well.