55 Peaks Project. Olympus without a path

  |  Distance: 106 km  |  Elevation change : +6410/-7230 m  |  Difficulty: 10/10

A line (mostly not a path) connecting all 55 peaks above 2000 m on Olympus. Leads from Kokonolilos to Litochoro. It is very technically difficult, requires very good condition and great orientation skills in the mountains. Only for very experienced mounteneerings.
We write more about this route and about the 55 Peaks Project here.
It is also possible to pass the entire Olympus massif from Kokinopilos to Litochoro, by a much shorter route, in most with convenient paths, such a route can be found here

The intention of the author of the whole idea of this path was to combine: many peaks of the vast mountain, but also people living around Mount Olympus. Therefore, from the very beginning the route was to start in Kokinopolis – a mountain village at the western foothills of the Zeus mountain and end in Litochoro – a small town on the eastern slopes, so that the reaching all peaks was also the crossing of the whole massif from west to east. 55 Peaks have also symbolic meaning. The point is to show that Olimp is not only Mytikas and Stefani – the two highest and most popular peaks.